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The news -16.MÜSİAD Expo Fair & 20. International Business Forum
16.MÜSİAD Expo Fair & 20. International Business Forum
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16.MÜSİAD Expo Fair & 20. International Business Forum
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MÜSİAD International Fair has been held since 1993.  In this year 16th MÜSİAD Expo Fair & 20th International Business Forum will be held in CNR Expo Center at 100.000 square meters closed area and it is the biggest general trade fair organized in Turkey by a NGO under the partonage of the President of Republic of Turkey H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 09 November 2016 and inaugural ceremony of 20 th International Business Forum congress under the under the auspices  of turkish prime minister  H.E. Ahmet Davutoglu on 10 November 2016.

Establishing a Global Business Network Among Muslim Countries
The IBF International Business Forum is an international platform of annual congresses and joint commercial activities bringing businessmen from nearly 30 countries together.

Founded on the basis of the principle of establishing Global Business Networks among Muslim Businessmen, this outstanding platform is managed by a board of governors (BOG) composed of presidents of foundations in 22 countries and offers a secure global business network. OBJECTIVE Founding a Global Business Network among the Muslim Countries. The Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO), held under the auspices of the President of Republic of Turkey, is the official business forum of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (İSEDAK) since 2006. In addition to negotiating solution methods, proposing investment and commercial opportunities for the Islamic Cooperation Organization’s members, bringing business projects and investors together and creating new opportunities for new businesses, Muslim communities economic, social and political issues were tackled in the IBF Congresses held with the participation of the Islamic world leaders. Presidency of the International Business Forum (IBF) was also selected.

İBF Member Associotions

MÜSİAD U.S.A , Algeria Business Forum (ABF), Algeria Economic Club(AEC), International Business and Investment Association (IBIA), AL-RAKHA’A Businessmen Association, AMAL Enterprises Businessmen Association, Palestine Business Forum (PBF), Palestine Business Forum (SBF), Arab Investors Forum (AIF), NAMAA Tunisian Businessmen Association, EMAAR Economic Development Association, SUIMAN MÜSİAD Indonesia, IBF South Africa, Iranian Businessmen Association (IBF), Lebanese Businessmen Association(LBF), Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers(FMM), Arabic Union for Real Estate Development (AURD), Egyptian Commercial Development Association (EBDA), Mauritania Independent Businessmen’s Association (AHAIM), Pakistan Business Form (PBF), Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI), Yemen Business Club (YBC), Industrialists and Businessmen’s Welfare Federation (IBWF)

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