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The news -To be Signed MOU between Iran and Ukraine Chambers of Commerce
To be Signed MOU between Iran and Ukraine Chambers of Commerce
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To be Signed MOU between Iran and Ukraine Chambers of Commerce
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In the meeting of the president of Ukraine chamber of commerce with the head of Iran chamber was signed a memorandums of understanding on agriculture, industry, mining, transport and energy cooperation.

According to the report of ICCIMAs public relations, Mohsen Jalalpour the head of Iran chamber said: the ground for enhanced cooperation between the two countries is well-prepared and the two sides should spare no effort to augment the figure.
Jalalpour added: New situation created more foreign delegates have come to Iran, so that the opportunity should be seized by both sides businessmen and also Trade and commerce cooperation between both sides are expected to develop in coming months.
The head of Iran chamber noted that Irans 80-million populations coupled with the regions 400-million population provide unique opportunity for Iranian trade ties with Ukraine in regional market.
He continued: the two countries have to avoid double taxation and an agreement needs to be signed in this regard.
Jalalpour appreciated launching direct flight between the capitals of the two countries as a positive step.
Gennady Chizhikov, head of Ukraine chamber of commerce, for his part said presence of some 80 top managers from various economic sectors in Iran will have fruitful results for both sides.
Gennady Chizhikov said: Iran history indicates that it has always treated well with its economic partners.
He added: the signed MoU will lead to expansion of mutual cooperation and are encouraging for the Ukrainian economic partners to develop long-term cooperation with Iran.