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The news -New side of Iran-China trade
New side of Iran-China trade
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New side of Iran-China trade
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TEHRAN Aug. 30 (MNA)  After the removal of sanctions competitive Chinese companies which were not allowed to trade with Iran because of having US partners will invest in Iran said the vice president of Iran.China Chamber of Commerce.
Despite the frequent visit of European delegations to Iran we should bear in mind that they are not necessarily looking for investment in Iran rather after the long period of sanctions they intend to update their knowledge and information about the current situation of Irans market Chinese delegates on the other hand, are not visiting Iran as frequently because during the sanction period they already had an active participation in our country and they already have the required information said MajidReza Hariri.

He further underlined thataccordingly the Chinese will continue their trade with Iran knowing that the new side of IranChina trade would be the appearance of Chinese companies which were previously banned from investing in Iran due to having US partner and being on the US blacklist.

Therefore it is estimated that after the lifting of sanctions Chinese companies will compete over Irans market and consequently Irans economy will enhance its performance together with Chinese partners in a competitive atmosphere asserted Hariri.

Pointing to the devaluation of Yuan against the world currenciesHariri stated that this change is completely normal and it will not affect Iran’s economy although it would make some imported machines cheaper but it will exert its greatest effect on countries which import goods from China and will expand China’s export.

The vice president of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce pointed to Irans positive trade balance with China and concluded that Iran Chinas trade balance has always been in favor of Iran which is a good sign indicating that we will sell our goods at a higher price and at the same time import items at a lower price.